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February 07

WMRA: MOUNTAIN RUNNING WORLD CUP 2019 Calendar available now

  World Mountain Running Association launch the 2019 World Cup calendar with 7 races, 7 exciting and unique races in 7 different countries… 140km of mountain racing tracks… 9300m+ of elevation with 5600m- of descent… And a total prize pool across all of the races including the overall World Cup ranking of approximately  56,000€.  It […]

January 12

MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: Races registration in almost all races and a new large format, the MaXi Mountain

  . With 11 race formats, the Salomon Gore-Tex® MaXi-Race always marks the beginning of the trail-running season with a bang. Held during the last weekend of May, it offers runners the chance to enter their first post-winter competition. For the elite, the MaXi-Race provides a first look at their main competitors as a preview […]