Kilian Jornet libro la frontera invisible November 15

Kilian Jornet´s book “The invisible border” just launched: Summary & Video of the official presentation.

Kilian Jornet has just presented his second book: “The invisible border”. After the success of “Run or Die” back in 2011, this new book is the story of an expedition that is a search, an escape and also a reunion with his own self. The book is now available in Spanish, French and Catalan. See […]

Zegama Aizkorri: The race every runner dreams of. November 12

Trail Running in the Basque Country: Video Mugalaris tribe from Irun, running at Erlaitz

Trail running in the Basque Country is a particularly strong movement. Both the quantity and the quality of the runners from this region are well known over Spain. But what is first and foremost admired from the Basque people all over Spain are its “aficionados” No trail runner plodding through the mud in these northen […]

Ultra trail Desafio Cantabria 2013 (90k) Crónica, resultados, fotos y video. De la playa de San Vicente al corazón en Picos de Europa.

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. Concluyó ya el Desafío Cantabria 2013, apuntándose un segundo año con éxito de crítica y público. La carrera crece en cantidad, con 170 finalistas, Y en calidad con nuevos records de Tito Parra y Silvia Trigueros. estuvo de nuevo este año allí en persona, para vivir y contar la…

Cavalls del Vent 2013 runners at race summit. Niu de l´Aliga (2500m) Photo: Kataverno. October 11

Mountains of Spain: Cavalls del Vent 2013 Video, race results and photos. Trail running Catalonia.

The Cavalls del Vent is a beatiful mountain hike that links the 8 refuges of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Parc at the Pyrenees in Barcelona province. Its iconic summit is Pedraforca, a true bigwall climbing paradise as well. For several years now, the Ultra Cavalls  del Vent (grown to 100k/D+6.660m) this year has been a great celebration of […]

Casey Morgan (right) with Mayayo (center) and Mikel Leal (left) July 28

Mountains Of Spain: Video Guadarrama National Park´s Ultra trail. Gran Trail Peñalara 2013

Among the mountains of Spain, the latest addition to the National Park network has been in 2013 with the creation of the new Guadarrama National Park. Its highest summit is Peñalara at 2.430 meters and it covers one of the most importante historic areas for climbing, mountaneering, skiing and trailrunning in Spain. Since 2010 the […]

KIlian Jornet record Mont Blanc finish at Chamonix Photo Summitsofmylife July 11

Kilian Jornet Mont Blanc record 4h57m. (Chamonix-MtBlanc-Chamonix) Succesful kick off for “Summits of My Life” year 2.

Kilian Jornet set off at 4.38AM today from Chamonix shooting for the Mont Blanc summit together with friend and champion mountain skier Matheo Jacquemoud within the 2nd year of his Summits of My life project. He succesfully completed the ascent and descent of Mont Blanc des Chamonix, setting a new record with a time of 4h57m versus the […]

Cartel Gran trail Peñalara 2013 July 03

TRAIL RUNNING SPAIN: GRAN TRAIL PEÑALARA 110km/D+5.500m Race report by Casey Morgan.

Trail running in Spain this 2013 is becoming ever larger and better organized. The fifth edition of Gran Trail Peñalara has meant a giant leap forward: From 391 finishers in 2012 to 1.073 in 2013. Faster times as well, with top100 marks coming down from 22h37m to 21h55m. Among the runners involved, well known names […]

Andorra Ultra trail Ronda_dels_Cims_Francesca Canepa fotos skyrunning June 22

Andorra Ultra Trail: Ronda dels Cims winners Julien Chorier & Francesca Canepa

. The Andorra Ultra Trail has just welcomed the 2013 Skyrunner world Series as it came to Andorra for the second leg of its Ultra Series, after the Transvulcania held in early May.  Julien Chorier and Francesca Canepa have come out as winners after traversing the more than one hundred miles and 12,200 metres vertical climb that […]

Cross Alpino del Telégrafo 2013: Fotos.

CROSS ALPINO DEL TELÉGRAFO 2013. GALERÍA DE FOTOS KATAVERNO.COM (392 fotos) Si quereis saber más del Maratón Alpino Madrileño 2013 o del Cross Alpino telégrafo, aquí la crónica y resultados completos de ambos en nuestra página hermana de información 100% trail running, PASE DIAPOSITIVAS: Haz clic sobre cada foto abajo para ampliarla o si…

054-Zegama Aizkorri 2013 fotos kataverno (77) May 27

Zegama Aizkorri 2013: Race report, full results and photos. WINNERS: Kilian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg.

Zegama Aizkorri is a 42-km/DT5.472m mountain marathon hedl at the Basque village of Zegama in Spain. Kilian Jornet has just won this 2013 Skyrunning world series event  for the sixth time, this year in 3h54m.  Salomon Running teammate Emelie Forsberg took the women´s field in 4h48m.  As it happens every year at Zegama, animation was extraordinary,  with […]


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