SKIMO WORLD CUP 2018 KICKS OFF AT CHINA: Anton Palzer and Axelle Mollaret win Vertical Race


Skimo World Cup by ISMF just kicked off at China yesterday with Anton Palzer  and Axelle Mollaret as winners of the vertical race.  The men´s podium was completed by Werner Marti (Switzerland) with the 2nd position and Michele Boscacci (Italy) with the 3rd one. Among the women, the French Axelle Mollaret was followed by the Spanish Claudia Galicia. The podium rounded out with the Italian Alba De Silvestro, who reached the 3rd position.  Today athletes challenge each other in the Sprint race in Wanlong




A brief, but very intensive ascent with a length of 2.250 metres and a positive difference in level of 500 metres, establishes the winners of the first stage of this WC. A path to be pushed with the heart in the throat, which alternates steep walls with hilly stretches, where only those who know how to change the pace managed to gain precious metres.


At the start line there are flag bearers coming from 13 different nations. All the best women athletes are lined up, all except the French Laetitia Roux, who will compete in the sprint race scheduled for tomorrow. Jennifer Fiechter, Axelle Mollaret, Claudia Galicia and Katia Tomatis declare that this Chinese WC won’t be a piece of cake. The men are also missing some talent, particularly that of Kilian Jornet, still recovering from recenty surgery

The race is off! A little group captained by Michele Boscacci, Anton Palzer and Werner Marti takes the lead and establishes a sensational rhythm on the race. All three brave the cold air (-20°) to reach the finish line. The German Palzer rushes and gains the first position. Behind him the Swiss tries to maintain the rhythm, but it is very difficult. Michele Boscacci conquests the 3rd position. 4th and 5th positions for the Spanish Oriol Cardona Coll and the Swiss Rémi Bonnet.

In the women´s race Axelle Mollaret is at the head of the group, immediately followed by Claudia Galicia Cotrina. At the 3rd position we find Marta Garcia Farres with a very good trend. Then follows the two Italian Katia Tomatis and Alba De Silvestro. In the last 400 metres Alba recovers and reaches the 3rd position from the 5th one. Axelle Mollaret wins the first stage of the ISMF WC vertical race. The podium is rounded out by Claudia Galicia Cotrina and the young Alba De Silvestro.Alba De Silvestro wins also in the Espoir ranking with Rémi Bonnet.


Vertical race podiums:

  • Senior Men: 1. Palzer Anton; 2. Marti Werner; 3. Boscacci Michele
  • Senior Women: 1. Mollaret Axelle; 2. Galicia Cotrina Claudia; 3. De Silvestro Alba


Today Saturday, in the morning the speedsters of the Sprint race challenge each other for the winner title. The qualifications begin at 9.30 a.m., then heats, semi-finals and finals. Predictions about the winners see as favourites the Swiss Iwan Ornold, champion in charge of the last WC Sprint race, and always the Swiss Werner Martì, who won the first Sprint race of the last season, the Italian Robert Antonioli, winner of the Overall WC and the German Anton Palzer. As for the women the struggle will be among the French queen Laetitia Roux, the Swiss Jennifer Fiechter and the Spanish Claudia Galicia Cotrina.





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain