gediminas grinius vibram team interview at ultra sierra nevada August 06

GEDIMINAS GRINIUS, Vibram ultrarunner: Self-portrait and video interview by Mayayo at Sierra Nevada.

. Gediminas Grinius is an ultrarunner from Lithuania who has recently risen to lead several global big races, such as the spanish Transgrancanaria 125km he won in 2015 or the italian Orobie Gran Trail 70km he took just a week ago.  He is now a member of the Vibram International team, together with runners like […]

casey morgan ultra sierra nevada 2016 race report caratula July 18

ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA 103KM BY CASEY MORGAN (3rd overall): Personal race report & Videointerview with Mayayo

. The third edition of the Ultra Trail Sierra Nevada´s demanding 103km climb to Veleta Peak over 3.000 meters high enjoyed over 1.300 runners from 14 countries, including the likes of Esther Alves (Salomon from Portugal); Gediminas Grinius (Vibram, from Latvia) and Casey Morgan (Compressport – Scotland) Right after crossing the finish line, we take […]

sea of clouds covers Goierri highlands from Aizkorri July 12

Basque trail running: Ehunmilak 2016 hundred miles for Javi Domínguez & Silvia Trigueros

. Ehunmilak means hundred miles in Basque. And this years´s Ehunmilak 2016 marked the seventh edition of the Basque Hundred Miles which covers a course of 168k/D+11.000m all over Goierri, the Basque highlands. Two mains summits dominate the race, those of Txindoki and Aizkorri, while the ultrarunners enjoying the 42km, 88km or 168km races move on […]

mira rai mayayo June 06

MIRA RAI, SALOMON RUNNING, FROM NEPAL TO THE WORLD: Video interview by Mayayo at Transvulcania.

. Mira Rai is a nepalese runner currently in the Salomon Running squad. She took over the international peloton back in 2015 at the Skyrunners world series when she achieved a second place at the hypertechnical  Tromso Skyrace over 44km and then went on to another silver at the Ultra Pirineu over 109km, a result that […]

trail running cercedilla (19) June 01

Compressport backpack Ultrarun 140g man. Review by Casey Morgan

. The Compressport UK runner Casey Morgan is a most familiar sight at when trail running in Spain. From Majorca to the Canaries, notwhistanding the Guadarrama mountains or the Pyrenees, he has entered many of the most reputed ultras in the country. This weekend, while training at the Guadarrama National Park at 2.000 meters high, […]

transvulcania-2016-fotos-mayayo-mini-100 May 24


. Ida Nilsson is a veteran track & field runner from Sweden who has recently taken to trail running and skimo. After a second place at Ultra Vasa and a win at an alpine marathon, she was signed on by the Salomon Sweden team and thus got a chance to compete at Skyrunning World Cup […]

kilian jornet summits of my life himalaya nepal photo Kilian Jornet 10 April 14

Kilian Jornet to take on the Everest speed record, that defeated Bruno Brunod in 2005.

. Kilian Jornet has just released its 2016 trail running calendar, which includes just two mountain races: Zegama Aizkorri en Spain and Hardock in Colorado.  Jornet will then travel to the Himalayas in order to start preparing his Everest challenge, the final chapter within his Summits of My Life project. The Summit of My life […]

uelis steck interview by mayayo (2) April 07

Ueli Steck interviewed by Mayayo: From the Eigernorwand record to trail running. Fast & Light alpinism.

. Ueli Steck is one of the great alpinism references of our days, with a most personal approach blending superb technical skills with a “go fast, go light” attitude. This 2016 we discussed with him at ISPO Munich his views on the present and future of alpinism, and his recently found joy of mountain running. […]

Skimo mondole ski alp individual Kilian Jornet world champion 2016 March 19

Kilian Jornet wins Indivual Skimo World Cup, for the fourth time. And doubles up with the Vertical title.

  . Kilian Jornet has just won today the individual category at the Mondolé SkiAlp, the last event in the ski mountaineering World Cup, winning his fourth world trophy in this category. The spanish skier competing for the national team FEDME completes the 2016 Skimo World Cup with a double, having already won the vertical […]

sir ranulph fiennes books (6) February 21

Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Video interview at London & Presentation on his polar explorations. A different view of the Admunsen vs Scott debate.

. Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the living legend among polar explorers, having been the first man to reach both North & South pole on foot, unsupported, in addition to endless outdoor expeditions. Moreover, he is also a reputed author and spokesperson. At The North Face Mountain Athletics launch, held this February at London, we had […]